Alex Krajnc

Alex O'Malley Fitness.jpg

Personal Trainer


  • Cert III & IV in Fitness

  • Undertaking a Bachelor In Exercise and Sport Science (Honours in Nutrition)

  • Level II First Aid

To book a session with Alex, call: 
0450 878 092

Alex specialises in aiding clients to improve their fitness and posture through corrective exercises and body re-composition. Alex has a passion for helping clients achieve their desired physique goals, teaching clients correct technique and educating them on the purpose of each exercise and their progressions, suited to the individual.

Alex believes that resistance training is a big factor in order to change body composition and help reshape your life. Alex educates his clients to be able to confidently walk into the gym for each session, ready to become a stronger version of themselves. 

Alex has experience in many different training types such as hypertrophy training, strength training, rehab/corrective exercise, metabolic conditioning, and athletic development and injury prevention.

No matter what the client is hoping to achieve, Alex will give 100% to accommodate every individual to continue to improve, and reach their goals.