O’Malley Fitness tips for beating the blues this winter

We understand at O’Malley Fitness that this time of year can make wanting to get up early to go to the gym or get outside to exercise that much harder! But during the winter months, it’s particularly important to keep up regular exercise for overall wellness and happiness.

At our O’Malley Fitness Geelong gym, we work with our clients to help them maintain a steady workout and exercise routine throughout winter. Some small things you can do to make exercising in winter more comfortable include: 

·      Spend more time warming up

·      Start small and set achievable goals

·      Organise team activities/ participate in group fitness.


Something else to keep in mind that exercise is an excellent, natural antidepressant. If you’re feeling blue this winter, try getting to the gym more regularly or getting outside when you can to boost your endorphins.


Exercise may be the answer to fighting off the winter blues. Here’s why:

1.     It can create an immunity boost

As our Director Mick O’Malley says, “if you don’t plan for fitness, plan for sickness”. Winter brings colds and flus, but exercise can boost your immune system to fight off illness.

2.     It helps to stop cravings

Less sunlight exposure in the winter months results in less active serotonin, the mood-enhancing chemical in the brain. This can leave us feeling tired and hungry, often causing us to turn to comfort foods, resulting in weight gain.

3.     It can help to break bad habits

It can seem easy to justify not exercising in winter… because it’s dark and cold outside! Challenging yourself with a new exercise routine this winter will help break the cycle of excuses. Make the effort to get moving before work or during your lunch break, and it will soon become a positive habit that’s part of everyday life.

Our O’Malley Fitness team is here to help! Get in touch with us to put a personalised workout routine in place to meet your needs this winter.

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