Our Services


A Program For You

At O’Malley Fitness we will help you out by putting together your own specific exercise program, which might include cardio training, strength training, weight training, core training and flexibility training or a combination of all.


Boxing Training/Technique

Boxing training is a full body workout that is safe, intense and highly enjoyable.


Partner Training

If you would prefer to train with a friend/spouse why not do partner training.


Group Fitness

A great way to help that you will stick with your fitness is to ensure that it’s fun and gets results.


Corporate Training

We also run corporate and group fitness training sessions.


Fat / Weight Loss, Increased Fitness & Tone

For those interested in fat / weight loss, we do more than just fitness training, we can assist you with your diet and assist you in a weight loss program and help you achieve all your goals.


Pre & Post Pregnancy Training

Our qualified trainers provide programs designed to increase fitness, prevent pain and improve posture specific to your pregnancy.