Our Testimonials

Hey Nicole and Mick,

I just wanted to express my appreciation again for all of your support on my journey with The Hunger Project and DECJUBA on the leadership immersion program in Uganda!

It was the best challenge I’ve ever embarked on and stepping into the unknown felt exhilarating!

From the beginning, my fundraising plan was to collaborate with O’Malley and your willingness to back my vision was amazing, to seeing a community pull together to help me achieve my goal!

To see and feel the power of humanity on the ground in Uganda, where communities literally have nothing, was incredible. Their leadership is infectious and is the most impactful way I have witnessed change to date!

Thank you again, together we really can create change!
— Emily Sinclair

Hey O’Malley Fitness team,

Now in my 30’s, one morning I woke to realise that if I was ever going to compete at the Commonwealth Games the best chance I’d have would be to train at the top of Mt.Kosciuszko at high altitude for three years!

Given that I no longer play a sport along with the fact I have a small business to run based in Geelong, I then thought a more realistic goal would be to get fit and lose a few kilos with O’Malley Fitness.

With Mick’s extensive background in boxing and his team trained in the art of stripping body fat and strengthening muscles (especially core-ones) it was a no-brainer for me to sign up for some one-on-one training sessions.

After the pain of my first session (including the stretching) I was lucky to come back the following week, but instantly as I struggled to walk to my car I could feel a rush of endorphins compensating for the lack of fitness I found I had developed and the workout burn was something I now craved.

Training now for 10+ weeks I feel a big difference in my body and especially my core strength and fitness, and in 10 weeks I haven’t experienced the same workout twice which is great as it keeps me and my body guessing from week to week!

Whether you’re a quiet achiever who likes to be silent with the pain of a hard workout or a person who likes to tell their trainer all about it (I’d personally fit somewhere in the middle), O’Malley’s trainers cater for every individual training type whilst remaining positive and encouraging.

I personally love Mick’s technical aspect he can’t but help incorporate into his boxing exercises due to his years of experience in the sport. I’ve gone from punching like a teenage girl to punching like a slightly more technical teenage girl in a matter of weeks thanks to Mick!

All in all O’Malley’s fitness has been a fun yet very professional environment to get back into training, with great equipment, even better staff and they have definitely provided me with a greater level of fitness and strength with their personalised programs.

I highly recommend O’Malley fitness to anyone looking to get back into a fitness regime and improve their daily health! Book in to see one of their friendly staff today to get back into it, you might see me down there, I’ll be the one crying during the stretches at the end of a workout.

— Dale Vine

Mick has helped me during pre-season training for the AFL season. I found him very passionate about his work with a great understanding of what my fitness needs were. I had obviously had a lot of foot injuries in the past and needed to gain fitness without having the stress through my body. The boxing work I did with Mick in that time gave me an enormous amount of general fitness and is without a doubt and was a huge reason why I was able to step back into the AFL team and perform right after my suspension. I really enjoyed working with Mick, it made it so much easier that he was such a great bloke that when you turn up for training you just want to work as hard as you can.
— Steve Johnson - Geelong Football Club

Looking for a personal trainer and don’t know who to pick??
I suppose it depends on what you’re looking for…do you want a trainer who will agree with you, let you slow down or not do things because you don’t want to or it’s too hard??? If that’s the trainer you’re looking for – DO NOT choose Mick O’Malley!
If you want a trainer who knows how far they can push you, gets more out of you than you ever thought was possible, can tell when you’re fibbing, and gets results – DON’T HESITATE, book your session with Mick right now.
I know – because after years with various trainers and not getting the results that I wanted, I heard about Mick O’Malley. It was not easy at first. There’s the fitness test – quite confronting to actually find out how bad things really are, but it gives you a place to start. Then there are those first few sessions…they hurt, your body aches all over, you think you may vomit…is it worth it, what excuse can you make up to not go back next week??
I believe these thoughts are normal. BUT, if you want to feel better, if you want to lose weight, if you want to change, you will find the will power because Mick will make sure you’re successful.
At 97kg I had a choice. I could quite happily sit on the couch or I could keep that session I had booked with O’Malley – I’m so pleased I chose the latter.
After losing 20kg and feeling fantastic, I actually craved sessions at the gym – each week I would have 3 one on one O’Malley sessions, 1 group session and 2 or 3 times just going alone …what have I become??
I have to admit I even like O’Malley – this bloke I had called every possible name under the sun, the one who had pushed me further than I thought was possible, who had a smart wit reply for every complaint I made, who doesn’t believe in the word can’t, who some days I hated……the same bloke that knew when I truly wasn’t coping and would take me for a coffee to talk through the “other” issues instead of training. I am ever thankful for meeting and choosing him to train me.
If you want to do it, and you’re serious about getting fit, losing weight and feeling good – then book the session with Mick. By the way, before you give him too much back chat – be sure to watch his commonwealth title fight…and never say CAN’T!!
— Paula Allen - Club Cats Operations Manager, Geelong Football Club

Mick not only trained me for ‘The Biggest Loser’ competition at Fenix Fitness but he provided me with the means & inspiration to reach my goals. His information was invaluable and he afforded me the confidence to try something new in the security of a non threatening environment.
It was great to try something different & step out of my comfort zone but still have the security of the trainer to guide & push me. Without Mick and his sessions I would have been bogged down with the usual routine & as a consequence I am sure I would not have achieved the results I did. The support from Mick and his trainers was immense but for me I have to say Mick really pushed me to the edge doing cardio and weights, pushing, cajoling, upping the weights, extending the time & making me dig deep, all the while being a stickler for good form. He must have done something right as I won the competition and lowered my blood pressure, my heart rate and my biological age by 10 years, oh and losing 39kilo’s in just 12 weeks!
As an added bonus for the hard work I have gone down 6 pants sizes, reduced my waist by 25cm and Gone from a 6xxxxxxlarge shirt to a 2xxlarge.
My overall increase in fitness has been fantastic and I now can regularly run 6-8km play tennis twice weekly etc.
I feel healthier and am on my way to getting fitter and hopefully even a little more slimmer.
With the encouragement and personal training of Mick and his team, I excelled. They were fun and encouraging, all through the competition; and I know without them I would not have done as well as I did”.
— Matt Irvin - Fenix Fitness Club “Biggest Loser” Winner 2007

Mick from O’Malley Fitness has been training my partner Lou and I, for 7 years as well as other members of our family for the past 8 years.
While he has been very professional in his approach to improving our fitness levels, he understands our abilities and does not expect us to achieve the same level that younger members of our family are able to.
His attention to detail such as weight, blood-pressure and injuries has been an outstanding feature of our association.
He has also become a good and loyal friend to us all. He is highly respected as a Sportsman in the Geelong community and I give him my highest recommendation to people of any ages and fitness levels.
— Michael Hayden - Director Hayden Property Group

Thanks Mick. I have enjoyed the “fun edge” you bring to a team environment over 2007. These values are core to your business success and create a differentiated offer in the market place. If your staff can display the same core values you will have a successful 2008.
— Wayne Rau - Business and Financial Services Manger Target Australia

Journey of a lifetime... I have just experienced what has become one of the defining points in my life – walking the Kokoda track with Mick O’Malley. I come back from my trip with nothing but admiration and respect for the way that Mick ran the whole experience. From the day I signed up to walk Kokoda with Mick he was available for every question, every concern and every change of plan. Walking the Kokoda track was not on my ‘to do’ list but I find myself telling everyone I meet (and who I think can do it) that this is a ‘must do’ life choice. I then tell them that when they make the decision to walk Kokoda that they then need to call Mick and walk the track with him. I have spoken with other people who have walked Kokoda and no one has had the same experience that I had.

Our preparation with Mick was sensational – we had organised group training sessions which ran three times a week for 8 weeks prior to our departure. We did group hikes that pushed us well out of our comfort zones, leaving us wondering what we had signed up for! There were open discussions about what we needed, how we would handle different situations and a sense that Mick was trying to give us a reality based perception of what we were going to do.

Walking the track itself is an experience that will stay with me forever. Kokoda is a sensational personal challenge that takes you away from your life expectations and puts you squarely back on even ground. There are no short cuts walking Kokoda. There are no easy days. There are no dry days. There are no life comforts. What you get is a sense of being able to do anything you want in life and a realisation that life really is one foot in front of the other each and every day – you need to keep moving toward your goals at a pace you can sustain and you will achieve.

Thank you and admiration to Mick for the way he runs the ‘Kokoda experience’. Walking the Kokoda is a once in a life opportunity and doing it with a team that you have faith in and who push you to your personal limits is the way to experience this.

I highly recommend O’Malley Fitness to anyone thinking about this challenge. There is no way I would have enjoyed this trip as I did had it not been for Mick and the strong leadership he provided. Mick was always in control of the situation and always there to offer help at every point. At the end of a long day trekking Mick was always there rubbing legs down, strapping knees, organising for the next day. I had full confidence in Mick and his ability to pull me through any challenge that I faced along the Kokoda track. Life is not a race – it is there to be experienced each day. Thank you to Mick for reminding me that there is more to life than what exists within your current reality.
— Tania Austin - Managing Director, Decjuba Enterprises

Dear Mick,
I can’t thank you enough for the most amazing time of my life! You have given us all a wonderful experience & I loved every moment of it. My life has changed and I shall never be the same, I am sure. I am a much stronger person for it. There is no hiding who you are when you take all our comforts away and I found that I can survive Just Fine! Thank you for the friends I have made & the memories that I will never forget.
— Donna Powell